Body Reflects – Massage and Yoga in Seattle

Private Yoga

    • Coming off an injury?
      Learn how to safely practice within the limitations of your injury while you learn which asana will support your recovery.
    • Have you been in a non-active period? 
      Jumping into a classroom if you have not been on the mat or using your body for a while can be daunting. Ease in with an instructor understands where you are coming from and can help you remember how to honor your body with variations until you build strength.
    • Recovering from childbirth? 
      The recovery from childbirth is as varied as the process itself. Let us help you with relaxing, repairing your pelvic floor, core and unwinding the shoulders, or whatever burden you bear. BRING YOUR BABY!!!!!
    • Experiencing a hard time concentrating from trauma or grief?
      Yoga is a vast and profound system for dealing with magnitude of life. Guidance and care can be used privately to help you navigate this system at your own pace with you behind the wheel.
    • Feel like your practice has plateaued? 
      One-on-one attention can give you feed back on the subtle things that might keep your practice from blooming.
    • Really want to break down a pose that just does not make sense?
      Let an instructor really prep your body through a vairied warm up to tackle that asana from a variety of directions until your body can wrap your mind around it!