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Carlie is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner. I see her for pain and stress management and her work is an integral part of my overall health and well being. 3/26/2012 Sandy B

I thought I’d had good massages, even great massages, but that was before Carlie. She is amazing. She’ll do just about anything I ask. Let me put it this way. My chiro has lost therapists before and I’ve lamented their leaving. This is the first time I’ve ever followed one and tracked her down to make sure we (the hubs loves her too) didn’t lose her. I see her about 2x a month as a supplement to physical therapy and general well-being. 4/23/2012 Michelle S

I first made an appointment with Carlie on a friend’s recommendation. I’ve continued working with her, because she has a healing presence, combined with her skill in massage. I also enjoy her new location at Aditi Yoga. I’ll go for months, sometimes over a year, without investing in a massage if I do not know of the right person. The quality of Carlie work is, in my opinion, outstanding. 8/17/2012 Jill D

Carlie is so good that I’ve followed her to two locations so far, and I’ll keep following her wherever she decides to practice. As a massage veteran, I have never found a therapist who is as intuitive to the changing states of my body or as good at listening to what I ask for. She knows how to create a relaxing environment that melts my stress away every time.  12/3/2012 Marisa B

I once gave Carlie a 4-star rating. What was I thinking? My twice a month massages are a key element of my stress management program, and I find my self looking forward to the next one immediately after the last. 6/22/2013

I am a cook (read in: strained hands, arms, back and neck) and was recently referred to Carly. She listened to my concerns and priorities and was amazingly thorough in explaining her approach to my issues, My massage was more of a deep-tissue treatment, but that is exactly what I needed. I’ll definitely be going back! 12/11/2013 Amanda Green

I realized that I’d never had a truly great massage before being referred to Carlie. She is impressively skilled and always finds the problem areas — often without my even realizing how bad it was before seeing her. She’s also just a pleasure to work with and she genuinely cares about her clients. Treat yourself and you won’t be sorry! 6/1/2014 Dennis B

Touch is a beautiful thing when the massage therapist is skilled at informing the body, mind, and spirit. The shared communication in massage brought a sense of peace and harmony to my experience. Carlie takes the time to educate and collaborate next steps (sometimes without using words). If you are looking for someone whom will take the time to explain and teach you, Carlie is your mentor. She guides your body to listen, your mind to understand, and your spirit to be at peace. 7/25/2014

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