Unique and Exquisite Yoga and Massage

Located in Interbay Work Lofts near Magnolia, Queen Anne and Ballard. 

We pair  yoga with massage to treat pain, improve fitness, and promote body awareness.

Everyone is welcome at Body Reflects: athletes, people with acute or chronic injuries, grandmas, and expecting mamas.

The licensed professional at Body Reflects is considered an investigator who will utilize their diverse and unique tool set to help resolve your bodies issues and help you exceed your expectations.

What makes us different? Personal yoga training, small class size yoga and the most talented massage therapists and yoga instructors around!


Schedule online  or call (206) 226-2410 to schedule a FREE consultation or to have any questions answered.


  1. Hi Carlie!

    Did you happen to leave a water bottle at Northwest Fitness last week when you were here for yoga? All of our clients have been in this week and nobody has claimed it. The bottle is clear with a blue top.
    We have been passing on your info to our clients and I want to make sure I have everything correct. You will be operational as far as massages this month and yoga will be starting up the beginning of November? We just started a fitness challenge which will be finishing up the end of November. Would you be interested in donating a massage for us to give away as a prize? We generally get gift certificates from a sporting goods store for both our top men’s and women’s prize but if you’re interested it may be a good way to pique some interested in your business.

    Talk to you soon,

    Heather Lundgren
    Northwest Fitness

  2. Hi Carlie

    How is it going? I would like to schedule a massage with you. Also, is the early morning yoga class appropriate for someone my age who has done some yoga, but needs to be careful?

    Send me an email, or we can talk at 206 660-7697

    Thanks, Patty Rose

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